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The parasitic Nematode Group Pictures

Group in July 2019: Adrian, Dorothee, Alex, Siyu, Kittipat (l to r).
Group in August 2016: Adrian, Alex, Dorothee, Anja, Tegegn, Siyu (l to r).
Group in September 2015: Siyu, Anja, Arpita, Tegegn, Dorothee, Alex, Adrian (l to r).
Group in June 2013: Adrian, Dorothee, Olga, Julia, Arpita, Anja, Tegegn (l to r).
Group in June 2011: Li, Dorothee, Olga, Arpita, Adrian, Julia (l to r).
Group in June 2010: Julia, Li, Dorothee, Arpita (front), Adrian, Linda, Olga (l to r).